New blog!

Hey there!

Just passing to say that now my website has an integrated blog, so I’m retiring this one! He was a great partner, but it’s time to give this warrior some rest! Thanks, we shared some AWESOME moments! ;’)

And please, say hello to – the new website! =) Yay!

Street Fighter III – Fuurinkazan (Trailer)

Finally! It’s ALIVE! =D

Street Fighter III – Fuurinkazan it’s a fan-made short animation movie made by Derek Henriques and me who tells the story of the fight between Ryu VS Hugo, well known by fans as was told on Street Fighter III with a whole new and original design.

I was responsable for producing, co-direction, original idea, art direction, character design, modeling, rigging, simulations, texturing, look dev, grooming, lighting, rendering, FX, motion graphics, post-production and compositing.