Hi there! Long time no see!

Busy month, lot of things to do here on studio…! Man, I need some vacations…! ;D

This artwork was made on my spare time. As usual, it isn’t complete yet, but it’s I’m starting to like the result so I decided to post here. Hope you all enjoy it. I’m trying to reproduce a photo that I have in my reference library, maybe when it’s finished, I post the reference!



2 thoughts on “Smeg

  1. HELLO THERE!!! i really love this!! 😀

    I was wondering if you can let me use this image…to add some of my PhotoMagnets and show how they look! on my web.
    i always love this refrigerators… and i look for other pics.. but this is so so beutiful! 🙂

    I am a designer, photographer and retoucher… if you want to vicit my fb. pag…

    please… can i use this? …
    let me know!

    this is my fb. pag.

    Thanks!!! and love your woks! 🙂

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