Erik’s first… oh, wait.

Ahoy! Here’s my lastest work! Like I’ve said before, yep, I’m a nerd. ;D

This one is inspired on Scottie Young work, an AMAZING artist with an unique and lovely style!

And I’ve didn’t gave up on my Street Fighter Artwork, but I really needed to pause on it! 😉

Hope you all like it!

For Genosha!

Executed in: 42 hours


71 thoughts on “Erik’s first… oh, wait.

  1. Belíssimo! E onde estão as cordinhas? Mas, por que não ser insistente: Elena…

    Wonderful! And were are the cables? But, why not try, persist: Elena…

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  4. Fantástico cara!!! Parabéns Victor, seus trabalhos estão cada dia melhores =)

    Eu tenho um blog,, gostaria de mostrar alguns trabalhos seus, você poderia me passar algum contato para nós trocarmos uma ideia?

    Um abraço!

  5. Great work !!!! wow

    Under Maya ? more information ^^ renderer ?
    there the possibility to have a tutorial? ^ ^

    • Hi Marty! hahaha! Sorry, but it’s made in 3dsmax! But I’m pretty sure that Maya can achieve the same result! =) For render I’ve used vray! The only reason it’s because it’s the more suitable for my needs!
      Hmm… I’m not sure if I have the time to do a tutorial… but who knows, right? haha! Thank you for comment dude! =D

    • Hey Steve! For this one I’ve used the combo 3dsmax+vray and Photoshop for post production! Thanks for comment dude! =D

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  8. an original & unique take on a classic character, not to mention its… AWESOME!!!

    can’t believe one person did this, well done sir!

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  12. It’s very cute but its wrong!!
    Maneto moves things with metal inside!
    He cannot move plastic, like a yoyo or a plastic truck.

    • o rly? hahahah!
      just kidding dude! But pay attention to some details, like the middle of the yoyo (chromed) and the scratches on the truck (metal under the painting)! Tks for visiting my blog!! 😀

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  15. I would seriously PAY to see a Toy Story style X-Men movie. And now that Disney owns the rights [hint hint, Disney] it’s a plausible idea.

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  22. Victor adorei, muito bom e o seu esta bem melhor que o do Skottie Young ( mas ele continua a ser um gênio)!!
    Ah e pergunta vai ter outros ou para por aki com os X-men???
    Abraço, Sara (Fortaleza-CE)

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  24. Só Falta mesmo um Babywolverine, um Babycapitaoamerica e um Babythor…

    Dai é só a gente pipocar seus trabalhos na net. até a pixar te descobrir e tu entrar na equipe pro filme dos baby marvels =D

  25. Munto massa cra, gostei muito das do Street fighter , ou pq vc n tenta criar uma de gears of war!!??

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  35. Cara, muito bom teu trabalho, serve de inspiração. To no 3Dmax há menos de 1 ano, iniciando. Tu trabalha com max, maya, zbrush?! Parabéns

    • haha! vlw Ricardo! Manda ver nos estudos cara! =)
      Eu geralmente uso 3ds Max e Zbrush nos meus trabalhos! =D

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  37. Having seen Magneto’s first appearance in X-Men #1 as a kid and following his development over the [yipes!] decades I can tell you that this is one of the best representations of Marvel’s top villain [well, okay, he’s tie w Doom & Galactus] I have ever seen.
    However, the true terror here is that you have done such an excellent job that this might give Disney/Pixar some ideas. If they do, I hope that you will get some kind of credit or that they hire you to work on the project.

  38. i love the little easter eggs (name, things from other superheroes)
    great pic, keep up the good work 😀

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  42. He is a bully! D: Erik has stolen thors fav. hammer, cykes glasses and captain americas shield!

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