I am Captain America


So, finally my last work is finished! This is another work inspired on Skottie Young’s awesome artwork! This one it’s my fav Skottie’s artwork and it was a lot of fun spending some time on it! =)

I would like to thank to all my friends for the feedback and tips, in special to my new friends at TechnoImage and my beloved wife for her pacience and cheering! =)

Below I’ll share some details and stuff! =)

(And don’t forget to click on the image for the HR version!)

Executed in: 48 hours.


26 thoughts on “I am Captain America

  1. Você fez o trabalho pensando no Isaiah Bradley? Mais um bom trabalho, um ótimo trabalho. E essa grama? Caramba, muito bem colocada. O escudo pintado a mão foi uma idéia fantástica! Resumindo, outra bela obra, uma das melhores.

  2. Fala Victor, vi uma imagem sua no 3dtotal, entao abri teu blog…
    Queria te dar parabéns cara, seu trabalho é excelente, sem dúvida nasceu pra isso.

  3. Well done that Captain-America-Comic in the geeks backpack… and… you like the cute milk-carton from “coffe and tv”? 😀 i can tell you have some taste in music. also i am curious: for what is the A+? You have hidden the information behind some ray of light!

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