The New (old) Kimono


This is an improved version of Ryu’s kimono. I wasn’t 100% satisfied on the first shot (ok, I was satisfied, but I’ve learned a lot of things since then!) so when I was remodeling his cloth, I decided to take another try! I’ve also made some improves on Ryu’s face, but I’ll keep for another post! hahaha!


4 thoughts on “The New (old) Kimono

  1. Se esse kimono tiver um bom caimento, com movimento, ele ficou muito melhor até que o usado nos jogos. Vamos ver como vai ser o gráfico em 3D da Namco quando for a vez dela fazer o Tekken vs Street.
    Novamente, belo trabalho.

  2. pow cara, ta na hora do riu comprar um kimono novo heim! deve estar fedendo pra caramba esse ai! hahaha
    brincadeiras a parte, ta bem legal a textura dele.

    • Ops, my mistake! In portuguese we call it kimono, so I though that in english would be the same! Thanks!

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