Fantastic N4

In january I was contacted by Angelo Libutti, senior story artist at Digital Domain with a invite to create an illustration for his upcoming book “Fantastic N4”! It was an awesome chance to work with 2 outstand artists – Angelo itself and Chris Sauve, Supervisor Animator for Iron Giant and Story/Animation director for Futurama.

I would like to thank Angelo for the opportunity to being part of his project and also for his of course, for being a like mentor to me since them! Yay! =)

Executed in: 36 hours


6 thoughts on “Fantastic N4

  1. I am very proud to see work by Brazilian artist breaking boundaries and representing with great mastery. But I really, really happy when a friend is part of this list, even when it is someone who taught me so much. Congratulations Victor Hugo.

    Ps.: sorry mu english.

    • Your english is very good. If you would like help with translation. Contact me at and use the contact form. I don’t know português, but I can help correct any mistakes in your english.

    • Hi Selah!
      My intention it’s when I get some free time to post some breakdowns or making of! =)

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