Self Portrait

Hey there!

This is my attempt to create a self-portrait in my own style. It was a very enjoyable work, because I was able to test everything that I’ve learned so far, as hardsurface modeling, character development, texturing, lighting and shadind skills and also try new things as curly hair! heh!

I would like to thanks to all my friends at TechnoImage – specially to my friend Saulo Brito (, who made the original 2d concept – to my wife and everyone who helped me! =)


10 thoughts on “Self Portrait

  1. I use the same visualisation in my PSP! The final picture is pretty good, but I doubt your sneakers are that white, that colour never lasts. Anyway, it’s just great!

  2. Cara, esse ta muito foda! Iluminação, estilização do personagem, gostei pacas. Gostei de um detalhe vermelhinho no olho.

    Espero ver mais coisa de game, principalmente street.


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  4. Caracas, que da hora! Pensei que o fundo fosse até foto, ficou idêntico! Legal cada detalhe da obra! Curti o “Cuidado ao desembarcar com o monstro verde com capacidades elétricas”! =)

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