Blind Bandit

I wasn’t totally satisfied with Toph sketch that I’ve made a while ago, I mean, she’s one of the most awesome character I ever seen, and she really deserves more than a sketch. So, here’s a portrait of her that I’ve made this weekend! It was a great challenge since I was forced to figure out a good way to make her blind eyes without that scary “cataract” look, and it was a really great exercise to improve my “hair & fur” skills! Ornatrix rocks! hahaha!



2 thoughts on “Blind Bandit

  1. Great work! I never really think about the fabrics on cartoon character’s clothes -and it would have gone unnoticed- but it makes total sense for her to wear silk and linen, considering her noble ascedance and “crude” personality in a chinese cultural context. I would have made the eyes a little more pale, or “milky”, or more like light grey instead of blue, but I agree that it could make her look a bit scary and that was not the intention.

  2. Oh my.

    Please PLEASE make the other characters too!

    And then make a movie, it’s a tragedy that they never actually made a movie!

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